Closed Pillowcase


camera pillowcasecamera pillowcase edge

My daughter asked me to make a pillowcase for her using some fabric from a long abandoned project.  Honestly, pillowcase projects are the best for using up odds and ends and giving a boost with a quick to stitch project!

This project took much longer that it should have since I was trying to figure out how to make a closed pillowcase with french seams.  The pillowcase came out great but after a couple of mini-pillowcase fails, I ended up using an overcast stitch that looks and acts very much like a serger stitch.  On my Elna 7300, it is stitch 070.  The instruction book description is: a reinforced straight stitch and zigzag are sewn simultaneously.  It is sewn with an overlock foot and it is brilliant!!

Another testament to what I don’t know about my machine but will save me so much time in the future.  I doubt I will ever do the french seams on any pillowcase again!!

In future, I would guess that it should take less than 1 hour to prep and stitch up pillowcase.

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