Small Project Finishes – Chili Needlepoint and Gift Giver Felt Pockets

For some reason, I gravitate to large projects — it is refreshing to work on something smaller and finish in just a day or two.   After finishing the Salt Water Taffy quilt I found a couple of project bags with partial projects that are now complete!!

chili small np

Needlepoint Canvas from Chili

This Chili canvas will eventually be mounted into a Sudberry House coaster.  I can’t imagine why it took me four years to finish the stitching …. but …. it did.  The wool is mainly Vineyard Merino with some Persian — the center is done in Victorian cross stitch and the border is slanted gobelin over three with a single round in tent.  The original canvas was not quite large enough for the coaster so I painted an additional four rows all around.  I have companion canvases to create a set of coasters, but I will likely stitch in tent so it should take much less time.

Other projects that I worked on came as kits from River Town Warehouse.  These are all felt pocket projects.  I made them almost as instructed with some minor changes – I didn’t use a glue gun to attach some of the trims – rather I sewed all pieces.

bunny felt pocketangel pocketheart pocketmitten pocketWhat to work on next????

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