Why I Have Started the Coney Island Scarf For the Fifth Time

I was really surprised that the Coney Island scarf did not knit up the way that it appears in the photo.  My expectation was that the ends of the scarf would be square with a diagonal garter stitch pattern.  Nope — you can see in this photo that as I started the main part of the scarf that both sides turn. coney island first start

It makes sense when you think about the pattern instructions.  I did not analyze the pattern, I just started knitting — if you follow the pattern, the scarf is actually designed to come to a point on both ends.

Image of Coney Island #ScarfieIn the photo that is posted with the pattern, it appears that the  scarf is stitched on the diagonal, right?  I really don’t think the pattern matches the photo.

I ripped out the first start and changed the the pattern by adding a row of all knit after each inc/dec row.  That change makes the pattern square and on the diagonal.  I knit about 10 inches and wondered if I should have slipped the first stitch to keep it from getting sloppy so I ripped and restarted.  I was only about 20 rows into the third start when I stopped and ripped since it added an extra dimension and some width to the edge that I found unattractive.  After knitting about 30 inches on the fourth start I realized that I used the wrong size needles the scarf was a little stiff and eating up too much yarn.  I ripped it out, steamed the yarn and this is the fifth start on size 9 needles.

coney island scarf third startWhen it is completed, I will post the instructions for my variation.

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3 Responses to Why I Have Started the Coney Island Scarf For the Fifth Time

  1. marissafh says:

    LoL … I’ve been there too, ripping and starting over. Take heart – the finished product will come out great!

    • janicelynn says:

      thank you for your encouragement. i’m beginning to wonder how many times you can use the same yarn before it looks worn out. 😮

      • marissafh says:

        That would depend on the yarn. You did say that you steamed the yarn before, and that helps. The mohair-type yarns will also start to fray and thin out – I’ve had a few snap on me, when I pull a little firmer than usual. I also find that even if it doesn’t look worn out, the yarn is not as plump or fluffy after the third re-do, and the stitches not quite so defined.

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