New Year – New Project — take two …. or this is what happens when you are a backward, stubborn stitcher

My new year stitching project has mostly turned into the annual “the holiday decorations must be put away” project.  As much as I love having the Christmas decorations up all over the house, by January 1st I am ready for them to be put away.  That means I have had very little crafty time and I still have all of the villages to put away.

I did have a small start on a small project on the 1st.  scissor heart

If you look closely, you can see just a few stitches to my new start.  This is the Polka Dot Scissor Companion from Ewe & Eye & Friends.  I was really surprised to look at the copyright and see that this kit is 15 years old.  If you are not familiar with the designers, Kam and Barb designed some wonderful pieces — rustic, modern, samplers, etc….

This design is small at 33 x 47 stitches.  The linen is either 35ct or 32ct Italian linen from LC Kramer.  The front of the design package says 32 count the chart says 35 count.  I have not checked on the actual count.  The floss is Anchor.

Why not start the Christmas Presence piece?  Well…. it is a group SAL that is being released a page at a time.  For some reason, my natural stitching is backwards — my crosses go bottom right to top left with the top of the X going bottom left to top right.  I work from right to left.  The first page of the chart is the top left — I actually planned to change my normal stitching so that I would be able to start top left but got over it quickly and decided to wait until page two is released in February.

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