More Holiday Ornaments

I’m not really sure where the month of December went.  The tree and villages are up, a few more ornaments are felted but no baking has been done.  Good thing there are plenty of yummy goodies available at the stores!

These are the latest felted projects …

heart ornamentsFelted Hearts – Original Pattern

felted ornamentsMitten and Sock felted twice and Modified Trees

heart varietyHeart Experiment — Modified Hearts in various sizes — Original is top right

knit stripe sockStarting a Striped Sock Ornament

All of these cute ornaments are either from the original patterns in “Knit Christmas Stockings” or inspired by them!  Next up is trying the mini sock in a stripe — not sure what will happen when it is felted it could end up red and pink rather than red and white.  Maybe a color catcher will help.

The heart experiment is from a request to deepen the “V” and make a variety of sizes.  I am thinking I might need to make a Valentine garland.

There are two mittens and a smaller tree ready to be felted and I hope to have them done before the holiday.  I have been much happier with the ornaments when they are felted by hand rather than by machine.  If I had a top load machine I might like machine felting better — I suspect I would have more control.

If I don’t have time to post before the holiday…

Merry Christmas!





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