Making Felted Decorations

I am pretty sure that last year I didn’t complete a single holiday ornament.  For 2014, I have big plans and high hopes.  This is my first “almost” complete ornament…. some ribbon for a hanger and it will be done ….

felted heartFelted Heart

The finished size of the heart is about 4″ X 4.25″ .  This is what it looks like before felting…

sock and heart to felt

I felted the heart in the sink with hot/cold water and a little soap.  I plan to felt the next pieces in the washing machine.

The patterns for the heart and sock are in “Knit Christmas Stockings!” from Storey Publishing, copyright 2003.  It looks like the publisher gave it a make-over in 2013 — the table of contents is almost the same with a couple of changes but the felted ornaments still appear in the table of contents.

The red yarn is Patons Classic Wool and the black is Brown Sheep Lambs Pride.

Can’t wait to post photos of the felted sock!!

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