My First Quilt – Top is Done

my first quilt top 18 octI can’t believe how long it took me finish this quilt top!  It was a kit but the kit was way short of fabric so I was constantly diving into my scraps and resource center for more.  After getting the blocks near complete, I decided that large dot fabric was a clunker and  I took it out of every block but one.

The quilt pattern left a lot to be desired, slim on instruction and diagrams and not even a picture of the entire quilt.  I would expect a new quilter to  need an experienced quilter to help decode the pattern.

Yes, this quilt top has been an exercise in frustration!!  I am anxious for the quilt to be complete, I am tired of working on it.

It will hang on the design wall for a few days while I try to decide how I will do the quilting.  The backing will probably be a Moda marble stars in pink with the binding in red – I will post a photo when I make my choice.


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