Preparing the Fabrics for A New Quilt Start

Yes, I have been a complete slacker — and now I am hoping that I can get back in the groove. I have a couple of projects that have been calling for some attention.

I started preparing the fabrics for a new quilt. My version of preparing the fabrics is running them through a rise and spin on cold (everything is relative this is Phoenix and water in the summer is never cold), drying on a medium heat and ironing with magic sizing. If the fabrics are smaller pieces or strips I do a hand rise, hang dry and then iron with the sizing.

Why magic sizing rather than starch?

Reason 1: I am fabulous at starting projects… no where near as good at finishing them. Most products labeled as starch have plant based ingredients that can be attractive to bugs such as silver fish. The longer the starch remains on the fabric the more opportunity to create a happy insect home. Magic Sizing is silicone based and not attractive to bugs.

Reason 2: Starch gives a much more firm finish than sizing, one reason many quilters prefer it. I follow the “finished is better than perfect” philosophy — there are more projects that I want to complete than I have time. If I can cheat on a seam rather then rip and restitch, I will. Sizing is more forgiving and gives me a slop factor that is completely acceptable in my non-competitive quilting world.

The new quilt is from Farmhouse Quilter’s Companion by cabbage rose, copyright 1998. The photo in the book does not do it justice, it is on the far left behind and under the giant flower basket.

my first quilt

I bought this project as a kit back around 2001 or 2002 at a wonderful little quilt shop that is now gone.  The shop was called Patchwork County Frame and Fabric Company in Wray, Colorado.  The owners had a great eye for patterns and fabric and were featured in the 2001 Quilt Sampler published by Better Homes and Gardens with the cover pattern.  The fabrics seem almost vintage!!

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