Arte’s Stitch Needlepoint

artes stitchArte’s Stitch – two strands persian on 14 count canvas

There are days when I want to work on a project that requires little to no thought.  Last week I started planning a new quilt but I still need to keep my fingers busy with a project so while quilt planning, I pulled out an old project that fits as a no-brainer.

This photo is my current progress on something that has been at the bottom of my stitch pile for years, literally.  It was a challenge project from the Colorado Columbine Chapter of ANG back in the 1990’s.  This is called Arte’s Stitch, developed by Arte Johnson who is an actor/writer that I know best from the TV show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

The idea is to use up the threads leftover from old projects.  Back in the day, the majority of leftovers were persian wool.  The wool strands are separated and stuffed in a bag, reach into the bag and select two strands, cut to the same length and stitch using the diagonal cashmere stitch.  When you run out or reach the end of your row fasten off and repeat. Put the leftovers back into the bag.  I decided to control my color a bit by eliminating dark colors.


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