Beginning Needlepoint Project by Loretta Spears

loretta spears beginning np

Back in the early 1980’s I discovered needlepoint at a shop owned by Loretta and Max Spears.  The shop carried needlepoint / cross stitch supplies with classes taught by Loretta – she was teaching pieces that she designed as well as classes using canvases that she would embellish with stitches and threads.  Max was an expert with framing and had an amazing eye for picking just the right mats and frames.

This is the second time I have stitched this nice little piece.  It was a teaching piece designed by Loretta for beginning needlepoint — just enough to get some variety without scaring you off.  My first piece was stitched in taupes for my mom (it has since gone missing) and I had promised myself that I would stitch one for myself since it was a fun and fast piece.  The stitching is done on 14 count canvas using Elsa Williams tapestry wool.  I finished it last night.

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3 Responses to Beginning Needlepoint Project by Loretta Spears

  1. Jane Wood says:

    Jan, I was thrilled to see this because I maintain a blog dedicated to Loretta Spears’ designs. May I reuse your photo of your finished beginner piece in an article that links to your two articles on this? Are there memories of your Loretta shop visits and classes you would like to add? Thanks for considering this. Here is the blog– Thanks for considering this!

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