I NEED These Kits!! Oops – Never Mind

As much as I enjoy stitching a needlepoint project with a variety of stitches and threads, stitching a project with wool using tent stitch is every bit as much fun.  Maybe that is why I am such a fan of cross stitch.  I do think it is magical to be able to create a work of art using one simple stitch.

Shortly after completing my Bakelite Phone kit, I was wandering around the internet and rediscovered the Ehrman catalog.  I have a couple of Ehrman/Kaffe Fassett kits that are simply wonderful and have not yet been started and would fit into my 2014 make-do program, but……

Creation Series – Day One: Light (photo from ehrmantapestry.com)

This is day one of the creation series from Ehrman, there are six pieces in the set.  I have had them in my shopping cart for a couple of weeks and decided to place the order today.  Sadly they now show as discontinued so I called and was told that only 3 of the days are still available.  For me, this was an all or nothing series.  It seems that I will “make-do” even when I don’t want to!!

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2 Responses to I NEED These Kits!! Oops – Never Mind

  1. oh my gosh, how beautiful is that? I dont think I could resist 🙂

  2. janicelynn says:

    right? so i called the company again and was able to order 4 of the 6 kits with 1 and 6 currently out of stock. they hope that the entire series will again be available this summer.

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