Bakelite Phone Stitching Journey

bakelite phone 1feb2014

Why do I like this piece so much?  Who knows — but I do!

My goal is to have my phone completely stitched before the month is over.  At the moment, it is about one-third stitched with the past week having been much more productive than the rest of January.

This kit comes with a chart that can be used along with the canvas while stitching or on it’s own.  It seemed like the chart would not be needed but as I stitched the black and greys they started to blend together and it was hard to distinguish one shade from another.  For me, it is much faster and less frustrating to use the chart/canvas combination.

Today I will be working on the background since it is so much lighter than the phone.  When stitching light/white next to dark be sure to put it at least the outline of the lightest color before the dark.  That will help keep the light/white from picking up bits of the dark and making the light wool look dirty.

So far, I have found one error in the chart and that is the background – the symbols for the stripes are incorrect but not a big deal since it is painted correctly.

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