Bakelite Phone Needlepoint Kit & Half-Cross

My new project package arrived last week and the first “new start” of the year is about ready to go.

phone 5jan2014
Bakelite Phone – Needlepoint Kit by Kirk & Hamilton

Just after Christmas, I ordered this kit from and it arrived just a few days later  — great service and very friendly.

This fabulous kit has created a dilemma.  Although I have been a needlepointer for over 30 years, I have never stitched a piece that calls for half-cross.  Actually, I have avoided anything half-cross since every instructor has condemned the half-cross as either poor coverage, bad technique, or because it distorts the canvas.

In spite of all that and after some research, I am planning to stitch it as instructed.  There are a couple of reasons: first, since I have never stitched half-cross I want to see how it stitches up.  Second, after some serious counting there is absolutely no chance that there will be enough wool to complete it in basketweave.  Third, many kits have consistently been created to be completed in half-cross and the companies that make the kits thrive — it must work (I hope).  Last, it comes with a complete chart so I can create another canvas and restitch if I want to.

While I was doing my half-cross research I found a needlework website that I had never visited before called Needlepoint Teacher. I have not explored the whole site but I have found some great tips and info in an easy to follow format.

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