The Stitch List and Make Do 2014

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays!

The last few weeks have been so busy that I have had almost no stitching time.  After the Christmas decorations are put away it will be time to get back to stitching.  When I don’t have time to stitch, I plan.  That means I have been thinking about goals for 2014.

My final(ish) Stitch List 2014 is almost the same as my preliminary and I am excited for the new year.  During 2013, I did an exellent job of not buying more fabric for my quilting and will be trying hard to continue with no new quilt fabric.  In addition, I am proclaiming the new year “Make Do 2014”.  That means using what I already own, no new charts, canvases and books.  Supplies for in progress projects are excluded for Make Do 2014.  I intend to use my craft budget for framing and finishing.

I do have one disclaimer to Make Do 2014– I ordered a new needlepoint kit this morning and will show you a photo when it arrives.  But…. since it is still 2013 and it is sort of a Christmas present…. I just couldn’t help myself!!

The Stitch List -2014

Continued progress on:
St. Basil’s – needlepoint
A Tish Celebration – needlepoint
On The Stove – cross stitch
SK Seasons Winter – cross stitch
SK  Trick or Treat – cross stitch
Master – cross stitch
Winter Memories – quilting
Frodo and Galadriel – cross stitch
IGC Nativity Stocking – needlepoint

New Projects:
A Maryland Inspiration – cross stitch
Full size quilt – using fabrics in resource center
TIAG – The Auction – cross stitch
Christmas ornaments – cross stitch, needlepoint and/or bead & sequin
Pat Thode Annual Santa year ???? – needlepoint
Pat Thode Nativity one piece – needlepoint
Pat Thode Carolers one piece – needlepoint
Tiramisu by Glendon Place – cross stitch
Downtown by HAED – cross stitch
Needlepoint kit ordered 28 December 2013

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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