New Start!!

Don’t you love starting new projects!  I do, too!!

I am finally going to get started on a Christmas stocking for one of my children, maybe I will even get it finished in 2014.  Such a lofty goal!

This will be my new start:
mollys sockThe stocking is from igc (in good company) back in the day when they were handpainted.  This great sock has a copyright of 1985 and was painted on 13 count canvas.  I bought all of the supplies in the late 1980’s so I will be using perle cotton, paternayan persian wool, medici wool, dmc floralia wool, mardi gras, marlitt, and metallics.  I plan to switch out one of the metallics since it is a matte pewter and the future owner would prefer something shiny for the stars in the sky.

The name for the cuff has been charted and I will be painting that on today and then browsing my books for stitches to be used.  I have a major fear of selecting my own stitches — wish me luck!!

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