SK Trick or Treat Update

sk trick or treat for blog
The past couple of weeks have been spent with SK Trick or Treat.   This shows the piece at just over 20% complete.  I am hoping to finish page one before Thanksgiving and that would put it at 31%.   There is nothing but confetti stitching in this piece and I have never stitched anything quite like it.  It is certainly a challenge but I am enjoying it and I am really pleased with the results.  Well …. mostly pleased …. this photo is showing a glaring mistake that will be fixed shortly.  How could I have not noticed that the right vulture at the roof has a green streak through the middle?  To be continued…..



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2 Responses to SK Trick or Treat Update

  1. I love how you leave the unfinished thread and don’t cut it off. This would definitely save me some time when I’m stitching but I’m afraid I’d get everything tangled.

    • janicelynn says:

      when i am stitching a confetti intense piece it is easier for me to park the thread rather than do cross country stitching. this is on a scroll frame so i just tuck the treads into a strip of muslin that i use as a fabric protector across the bottom rod.

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