The Stitch List – 2014

It is time to get my sewing room organized and to do my preliminary Stitch List for 2014.  It does seem a bit strange that I continue to make these since I am so easily distracted with life and new projects.

Looking at my 2013 list, some projects were completely ignored, some were finished and it’s entirely possible that I might make some progress on a couple before the year is over.  Finishes include:  Packed and Almost Ready  cross stitch, Dolphin quilt (not on the list),  Trip Around the World quilt, Nova needlepoint (not on the list).  Almost all of the “in progress” projects saw a  little action.  There were a few new projects that I didn’t anticipate – nothing more to say about that!!

The Stitch List -2014 (Preliminary)

Continued progress on:
St. Basil’s – needlepoint
A Tish Celebration – needlepoint
On The Stove – cross stitch
SK Seasons Winter – cross stitch
SK  Trick or Treat – cross stitch
Master – cross stitch
Winter Memories – quilting
Frodo and Galadriel – cross stitch

New Projects:
A Maryland Inspiration – cross stitch
Full size quilt – using fabrics in resource center
TIAG – The Auction – cross stitch
Christmas ornaments – cross stitch, needlepoint and/or bead & sequin
Pat Thode Annual Santa year ???? – needlepoint
Pat Thode Nativity one piece – needlepoint
Pat Thode Carolers one piece – needlepoint
IGC Nativity Stocking – needlepoint – get it started!!

The New Project list is the same as last year, less the two cross stitch pieces that were started.  I will probably add a couple more items to the list since there will be SAL’s that pop for 2014 stitching.

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