Nova Stitching is Complete!!

nova - completed 28oct2013

Yesterday, 28 October 2013, I put the last stitches in Nova.  This little beauty was a 20+ year project with about 80% completed in the past 74 days.

If you are or will be stitching Nova:

  • Four strands of floss was adequate for the lighter squares, 5 for the darker squares.
  • The changes in direction of the stitches can cause more canvas peeking through that I sometimes like.  I removed and changed some of the stitching to minimize this.
  • As a result of removing and restitching (or not???) I ran out of about 8 different colors.  Not a problem with this piece since each square stands on it’s own.
  • A computer or good reference book will help.  My copy of Nova has basic diagrams, no numbering or stitch by stitch instructions.


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