Nova – 199 Blocks and Counting

nova 18sep2013

Once again, stitching time this week has been devoted to Nova.  There are 396 squares and the halfway point has been reached.  This has been my exclusive (well, almost exclusive) project for the past 4 weeks.  I have stitched as few as 18 squares and as many as 35 in each week.  No, I am not counting the squares I removed and re-stitched!  If I continue on with this as my sole project it should be done in about 8 weeks.  You will all get tired of seeing it …. and …. I have a cute fall quilt top that needs to be finished before Halloween.  You can see my Fall Frolic quilt top by clicking here.

If you are stitching – or planning to stitch – Nova, your instructions might have some changes from my set, dated 1991.  There are minimal instructions in my packet since it was a class project taught by the designer.  If you find yourself with a similar set of instructions or are just looking for some additional info, these are some things I can share on stitching blocks 1 through 199.

1.  the number of strands used for light colors is 4
2.  with darker colors, 5 strands will provide great coverage
3.  when stitching dark colors, if you start with 4 strands and it looks “ok” give in immediately and switch to 5 strands.  it will save time and thread.
4.  the tie downs are done with 2 strands.  I did a few with 4 just for fun, the effect is almost identical and not worth the effort.
5.  some of the tie downs just are not worth the time and look not so good — it is your project and you don’t have to put them in if you don’t want to.
6.  tie downs look better if done as flat as possible using a running stitch rather than a back stitch.  the back stitch pulls too much and causes disruption to the design.
7.  if you need instructions for Fran’s Challenge Stitch, go to the ANG site under the September Stitch of the Month.
8. don’t try to carry threads from one block to the next – I know, that seems like a lot of extra starts and stops…. but ….if you decide you don’t like a square it will be much easier to remove and replace if it is independent from it’s neighbors.

Back to Nova (right after cleaning, work, laundry… etc, etc, etc….)

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5 Responses to Nova – 199 Blocks and Counting

  1. This is incredible!!! No , I will not get tired of seeing it, I’m amazed at your work!! You’re doing awesome!! So do KEEP posting your progress on this project!!! I can’t wait to see it finished!! 🙂

  2. Bianca Clark says:

    I love, love, love your Nova. It’s amazing. Problem is that now I cannot get it out of my head. I want to very much stitch it too.

    Do you know/think it will be possible to stitch this piece on linen or evenweave. I have stitched speciality stitches in Chatelaine designs, but I have never done needlepoint nor worked on canvas (aside from 2 little purses, which were simple continental stitches). Do you think it might be too difficult for someone not familiar with needlepoint?

    And my last question – would you perhaps be willing to sell me your pattern?


    • janicelynn says:

      it is a great piece! i have only seen this stitched on canvas – either 18 count or congress cloth. there are a nice variety of stitches and the internet can provide great help with stitch graphs. personally, i would not stitch nova on evenweave or linen because i would be worried about the strength of the fabric vs canvas. i have not been able to locate my set of instructions, if you google “nova genny morrow”, you will find a few sources for the pattern. good luck!

    • janicelynn says:

      just did a quick check and ebay has two listed.

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