Nova by Genny Morrow – Still Stitching


I’m so happy with my progress on Nova.  This is the only stitching project that is getting any attention – the photo shows 169 squares completed. I have continued to change the solid color diagonal basket weave blocks to some type of simple stitch.  Its turning into a great way to explore and discover how strong a stitch appears and should be quite useful in project planning.

My other project is making friends with my new nexus7.  This is the first post using it to take the photo and type this post. Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Nova by Genny Morrow – Still Stitching

  1. Lisa says:

    What size mono canvas did your purchase for this project? Would 20×18 work? By the way it’s beautiful, I saw a finished piece displayed in a needlework shop and it was just amazing.

    • janicelynn says:

      that would be a great size. my canvas was part of a kit and it was cut 20 in by 16 in. the finished size is 14 5/8 in by 12 in. it was a really fun piece to stitch!

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