Nova – Continuing On!

Sorry Santa — Winter Memories block 7 is sitting patiently on my cutting table with fabrics washed and pressed but somehow Nova has hijacked all of my stitching time.

Have I mentioned that I am a very slow stitcher?  It is a fact … but … in spite of that,  I made some great progress on Nova.  There are now 125 squares complete.  Too bad I don’t count the squares that have been stitches multiple times!

nova 31aug2013

If you decided to compare my piece with the original you will find that I have modified the solid color diagonal tent stitch squares.  I had stitched a few as originally designed but decided that they left the piece feeling a little flat for my personal taste.  All but one were removed and replaced using the recommended color and some type of variation on the Nova theme of “Tent, Cashmere, Mosaic and Scotch stitch variations”.

In todays expanded world of needlework supplies (as compared to 1991), I likely would have stitched this on eggshell canvas but I love working with cotton floss so my threads would remain the same.  When using the lighter colors, I am working with 4 strands and adjusting to either 5 or 6 strands with the darker colors.






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