NOVA – The Never-ending Needlepoint Project

novaNova by Genny Morrow
image from Needle Artworks

This is one of my favorite counted needlepoint pieces ever.  Genny came to Denver to teach this to our ANG Chapter – Colorado Columbine about 1991(ish).   It has been on my “to-do” list every year but always ends up back in the closet.  At the current rate of progress I calculated that it will be finished about 2053.  That is so completely unacceptable that I have decided to make this my needlepoint focus piece for the remainder of the year.

This is my current progress on Novanova 24aug2013I have stitched on this piece exclusively this past week and completed 20 squares.  There are a total of 396 squares and I have finished 100.  If I were able to continue at that rate, I would finish the piece in about 15 weeks – or December of this year.  That won’t happen!

There are so many other projects to work on I am hoping that, realistically, I can finish in mid 2014.  Some of these cute squares are not as easy to stitch as they seem and I have done a fair amount of ripping and re-stitching.  Time’s a wastin’ ….

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