Winter Memories Block 6

mr treebeard 17aug2013Mr. Treebeard – Block Six

Mr. Treebeard is the Winter Memories Block 6.  I plan to do the embroidery accents after the blocks are all sewn but before I put them together.  This handsome guy will be carring a feather tree, there will also be button and bell accents for eyes and hat.

If you look at the close up photo you will see that his hat is floppy and adds to the fun and whimsy of this pattern!

The fabrics are ready to go for block 7 … but …

I was doing a bit of organizing and a couple of needlepoint projects are in desperate need of my attention.  I shall see what project calls the loudest….

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2 Responses to Winter Memories Block 6

  1. Kim Howard says:

    I bought this bock of the months set many years ago with the fabric and all the trimmings at my local quilt/craft store. I’m finally at the last stages but was stuck on Month 8, The Spruce and Stars. It had an addendum inside the pattern but I have lost it. I’ve tried 3 times to get the tree right. Have you done that one yet? The addendum was something like, cut the tree tree slices at a different angle indicated on the pattern but I can’t remember :(.

    • janicelynn says:

      for month 8 the correction reads as follows: on page 2 of this pattern, in the middle of the page, change “trim the strips at a 45-degree angle…” to: “trim the strips at a 30-degree angle….”. i have not gotten back to this great quilt and am doing the blocks in order — i am on #7 but i still need to go back and put in all of the embroidery. hope this helps!!

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