Done!! One Trip Ends and Another Begins….

trip quilt complete 29jun2013 Trip Around the World Quilt — completed 29 June 2013.

Last night, I finished sewing the binding on the Trip Around the World Quilt.  I am delighted!!  I have to admit that my fingers are sore today since I did very little besides sew all day yesterday.

It is possible that this lovely quilt will end up on a wall, if that is the case then a hanging sleeve will need to be added.  While randomly surfing a few weeks ago, I found a tip on hanging sleeves that I plan to use.  I apologize that I did not take note of where this came from.  When making a hanging sleeve for a wide quilt – this quilt finished at 72″ – make your hanging sleeve in more than one section.  For this quilt, I plan to use two sections, each about 34″ — when I attach them, there will be a gap between the sections so that additional support to the rod will be easy to add in the middle.

Next month means “Christmas in July” will begin.  The next quilt project has been selected and it is called Winter Memories.

Winter Memories by Sue Garman for Quakertown Quilts

The photo is from the Quakertown Quilt website.  You can find the patterns for Winter Memories here.  I bought this as a block of the month project from Great American Quilt Factory in Denver, Colorado.  I am hoping to average making one block each week and have this festive beauty done for Christmas 2013.  It will be fun to see if I can complete the quilt using only the fabrics provided in the kit!

In addition to Christmas in July, I must get back to my stitching!  Master has been patiently waiting and will be on the floor frame today.  Seriously, what sounds better than staying inside stitching and/or sewing when the temperature at 8am is 95° with the high forecast at a record breaking 118° ??

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2 Responses to Done!! One Trip Ends and Another Begins….

  1. wow, i can only imagine the sense of accomplishment in finishing a quilt like that! it’s an heirloom 🙂

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