Trip Around the World and Using the Shape Cut

These are the center strips for the Trip Around the World quilt….

trip center strips sideways 22may2013After I cut a few of the strip sets, I realized that I had what might be the perfect tool to cut the remaining sets…

This is the Shape Cut from June Tailor — the photo is from the June Tailor, Inc website and you can find it here.
shape cut

You lay this ruler/template on your fabric so you can cut strips and shapes quickly and easily by using the slots in the ruler.  Since my strip sets are just about 12″ x 21″ it is great as is without folding the fabric and I only need to reposition it one additional time to cut each set.  This is a great tool but if the world were run by me, I would add some additional markings to make it easier to line up on the cutting mat — I would also change the line markings to be a bit thinner.   If it is too pricey for your budget at just over $40, grab a discount coupon and head over to Joann Fabrics — I’m not sure if Hobby Lobby carries this but if they do, they take coupons, too!

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