Trip Around the World Quilt

Finally —-

not only have the fabrics for my trip around the world have been staring me down for a couple of weeks, I had completely forgotten about the June start for the Tilton Crafts SAL.  Since I have only completed about 1800 stitches, Yoda will be my SAL start and has been sent to the corner until June 1.

That gives me almost two weeks to work exclusively on the trip around the world quilt top. Yesterday I started cutting and sewing, it will probably take longer than 2 weeks since there will be so, so many seams to match. The fabrics are super yummy!!

trip top 19may2013

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3 Responses to Trip Around the World Quilt

  1. wombatquilts says:

    What a clever idea to store your fabrics on a indoor cloths line thingy. I am stealing that idea immediately. Thanks.

  2. janicelynn says:

    you are welcome!! it’s a great way to eliminate some of the extra pressing while keeping the fabric visible and organized.

  3. Kem says:

    agreed, brilliant storage idea. and yes, the fabrics are yummmmmy!

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