Dolphin Quilt … the end

The Dolphin Quilt is complete!

dolphin quilt complete front

After the “issues” that I had with this quilt it is great to have a finish.  The back is pieced from fabrics that were in my resource center (aka my stash) and the pirate theme makes a fun surprise when you look at the back.  The hanging sleeve is wide enough for any type of bar or rod.  dolphin quilt complete back

Next up …..  trip around the world page 1

This is from the RJR collection year 2002(ish). The photo comes from the RJR website and you can find it with the free instructions here.

I bought this as a kit from Great American Quilt Company in Denver.  The quilt and the fabrics are called Trip Around the World.  I do not expect to have the quilt edges finished with points — I can’t imagine how to put on the binding.  At the moment, I plan to square them off by adding triangles and then a narrow (1 or 1.5 inch) border in the same purple.

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2 Responses to Dolphin Quilt … the end

  1. Jeepers, you seem to have finished this very quickly – or is just my imagination? 🙂

    • janicelynn says:

      i was on a mission! the towel bar broke in the bathroom and i didn’t want to fix it. the quilt is hiding the holes. i finally hung the quilt on the bathroom wall yesterday.

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