Dolphin Quilt …. what not to do, part 2

The top was quilted and the binding ready to go ….

I have learned to let my machine dictate how to attach bindings and have found a formula that works well for me.  I use double fold binding and usually cut the fabric 2 5/8 inches.  I attach it by using my walking foot along the quilt edge as a guide.  The end result is a binding that is about 3/8″ and creates a nice, visually attractive border that is easy to work with.

dolphin binding

This photo is a great example of what not to do, part 2.  I’m not sure if I ever put a binding on a quilt that the outer edge was half square triangles.  You can see that my binding “formula” cut off every single point on the edge of the quilt.  It never occurred to me to fold back the binding after a few inches to make sure all was good.

This was something that needed to be fixed … I removed the binding.  The good news is that I never, ever trim my batting and backing until it is time to hand stitch my binding down.  I restitched the binding by drawing a guide line on the batting that was 3/8″ from the points of the triangles.

What not to do, part 2:  never assume the same technique will work in all situations — check your progress early in to be sure that the result is what you intended.

To be continued ….

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