Dolphin Quilt … continued

The Dolphin Quilt continued along nicely ….

dolphin quilt 3march2013

this photo shows the half square triangles as I tried to decide what fabrics would stay and their position in the quilt.

There were some changes to the fabrics and this is the quilt center after finishing piecing and quilting.  I was going to be bold and start quilting without marking the quilt but I came to my senses in time and avoided what would likely have been a quilt disaster.

dolphin center

dolphin closer quilting

For the quilting, I followed the ideas from the book – Go Wild With Quilts – Again!.  I stitched in the ditch around each of the dolphins and then made “waves” using parallel lines with gentle curves using navy thread.

All is well …. to be continued ….


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One Response to Dolphin Quilt … continued

  1. Fabric and colours are gorgeous, 🙂

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