Dolphin Quilt — or — what not to do when quilting, part 1

In February I decided to make the “Dolphin Quilt” for the powder room.  The quilt is from the Margaret Rolfe book Go Wild with Quilts – Again!  The kit came from a shop in Canada called A Quilter’s Delight — since I can no longer find them online I’m guessing that they have closed.

The book is designed to use straight line piecing with a pattern that is reproduced by hand creating templates.  I am not a template quilter — unless the template is acrylic and the finished size.  So the hunt was on for an alternative method.  Good news!  The quest was short and ended in my own quilt library with a cd from Ms. Rolfe called Animal Kingdom CD-ROM.

Good news — the dolphin block was included on the CD.
Bad news — the CD does not have an option to print the 12″ size that I needed.

I ended up printing the 6″ block and enlarging to 12″.  Then I transferred the pattern to packing paper so that I would not need to tape sheets of paper together to create the patterns.  So far, so good.

Since the kit was designed to use templates, the paper piecing used more fabric that came in the kit.  On my second try (using fabrics from my resource center), I was able to finish one dolphin block and I thought it was fabulous!!  These are my three dolphin blocks.  I think they look great.

dolphin quilt 04march2013

It is safe to say that I was very distracted during the entire month of March and it never occurred to me that the blocks would be any size other than 12.5″ unfinished.  Ha, ha.  The blocks are all 12.25″ unfinished.  Rather than use my large ruler to square them up, I trimmed them .25″ beyond the stitching line — a rookie mistake.

What not to do when quilting:

— be sure to square your blocks to the correct size before trimming off excess fabric, and …
— do not assume, check and double check your paper mock up when you enlarge or reduce your pattern.

To be continued….

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