Stitching My Way to Blog Post #200!!

Wow — time flies … I started this blog in August 2010 and have tried to post weekly (or more) … this is post #200!!

Another cross stitching week and I am very pleased with the progress of two different projects.

santa 21feb2013Packed & Almost Ready designed by Mosey ‘n Me

This is Packed & Almost Ready – designed by Mosey ‘n Me for Rainbow Gallery.  This is an oldie from 1998 and designed to use a big variety of specialty threads made by Rainbow Gallery.  The piece is stitched on 7 count hand-dyed  Klostern.  (That is what is in the photo for the background of my blog.) It is a fairly loose weave, I started stitching in hand but quickly switched to stretcher bars to help with my tension.

So far, I have only changed a couple things:
The dark red areas are done with smynra crosses using Silk & Cream two strands over two — the instructions and supplies are for one strand but it was too sparse.  I will need a second card of thread to finish the dark red patches.
Santa’s sack, the dark brown — I am stitching using 4 strands of Rainbow Tweed (as with the red, the coverage was not good) — instructions call for 2 strands.  I suspect stitching with 3 would have been sufficient.  There will be plenty of thread for stitching using 2,3, or 4 strands.

sk trick or treat 21feb2013SK Trick or Treat – Art by Spangler / chart by HAED

I also spent several hours with SK Trick or Treat and did some experimenting.  I was certain that cross country stitching would speed things along, so I stitched a couple of the 10 x 10 boxes that way.  It was faster but I am not as happy with the results, I think it looks a little messy — I honestly doubt than anyone else will see the difference unless I tell them.  Even then, most people will not see the change.  Regardless, everything will even out with washing and pressing but I just can’t get my head around how it will look until then….  So….. back to working from the top down and using parking.  This is another confetti intense piece so it will be a slow work in progress.  My goal for this piece is to complete one page (7,350 stitches) in 2013.

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One Response to Stitching My Way to Blog Post #200!!

  1. I love the first design, it is so pretty!

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