SK Seasons Winter Progress at 50%

sk seasons winter for blog 15feb13I have never kept track of the amount of time I spend on a project and this past week is no exception…. but ….. I did manage quite a few hours stitching Seasons Winter and have completed half (11,700 stitches out of 23,400) of this gorgeous piece!!

The number of color changes in some of the HAED pieces – including this one – borders on ridiculous and stitching these is not for everyone.   That being said, the results can be spectacular if you can persevere and actually get one finished.  I am hoping that I will have my first finish this year.

If you are considering stitching a chart by Heaven and Earth Designs I strongly recommend that you do some research before buying and starting your piece.  The work of some artists translate to cross stitch better than others.  I suspect that could be a combination of HAED limiting the colors in most pieces to 90 or less plus the limited color palette of DMC.  Be sure to look at the mock up of the piece, it will be under the main photo – it will give you an idea of the finished piece.  The mock up is computer generated, not stitched.

Join the HEAD Yuku Bulletin Board and search for finished or in progress pieces of the design you like and make sure you think the results are fabulous.  The amount of time needed to stitch one of these charts demands nothing less.

Do you like stitching with Kreinik braid?  Be sure to check the floss list to see if it requires specialty threads — a few use Anchor and many, many use #4 braid in color 032.  I do not have a problem stitching with Kreinik’s metallics,  but I don’t always agree that the art translates well to using metallic braid for the light-play, especially for faces and skin.   When I am deciding on a chart I have learned to check for the amount, if any, of Kreinik — then I have to decide if I can live with it. On some charts I expect to sub the metallic braid with either floss or a floss / blending filament combination.

The Bulletin Board is a valuable resource for many topics including stitching with metallics.  In fact, the bb can point you in the right direction for almost any question you might have for HAED stitching.  The members range from novice to expert and are an incredible group — supportive and caring and always willing to share their experience.

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4 Responses to SK Seasons Winter Progress at 50%

  1. Jen says:

    HI there,

    I’ve noticed how amazing your stitches are but I have a question.

    How are you stitching exactly? I mean are you tenting? Full? Can you please break down how exactly your doing your stitches because they are gorgeous and I’d love to stitch like you.

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    PS: looking forward to more updates!

    • janicelynn says:

      such a nice compliment, thank you! this is stitched with 2 strands of floss it also uses metallic and i am using 1 strand of kreinik #4 metallic braid. these are full crosses — it lookls like tent stitch because i cross stitch backwards. i start at the bottom right to upper left and my top stitch is bottom left to upper right. when i stitch with more than one strand i try to make sure the strands lay next to each other — both top and bottom. it helps with the coverage and looks smoother.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m sorry, I also should have asked you: what are you stitching on and the count?

    thx again 🙂 🙂

    • janicelynn says:

      this has edge to edge stitching so i’m using 18 count aida. with any edge to edge design i prefer a cotton fabric since it does not have the slubs that are part of the charm of linen or linen blends.

      thanks for the interest. i need to get back to stitching this piece!

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