SK Trick or Treat — Continuing with Confetti!!

SKTrickOrTreatSK Trick or Treat

Super cute, right?!  This is a Heaven and Earth Designs cross stitch created for the Bulletin Board stitch-a-long for 2013.  This a “crop” of original art by Randal Spangler called Trick or Treat.

My stitching so far ….  about 1000 stitches ….

sk trick or treat 23jan2013

This piece brings confetti to a new level … at least for me.  The 10 x 10 square in the upper left corner has 30 different colors — most other squares are 20 or more colors… yikes!  The result will be magnificent!!

I am trying to make peace with the back that looks like a birds nest:

sk trick or treat back 23jan2013

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2 Responses to SK Trick or Treat — Continuing with Confetti!!

  1. Bernice says:

    Hi! Can you explain to me how you cross-stitch with all them thread at a time? And wow the back of your work is really not that bad. Wish mind would look half that good. Thanks!

  2. janicelynn says:

    thanks for the encouragement!! what you are seeing is a technique called ‘parking’. there are so many different colors i find it much easier to work in just a few rows at a time. but since that means changing colors constantly, parking is the solution.

    this is a basic description of parking .

    this one has a great instructions with plenty of photos

    i have found that i like the look of the stitches best if i do the first half of the stitch when i park — that is why you see the partial stitches.

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