SK Seasons Winter …. Confetti Stitching

sk seasons winter for blog

During the past week I added about 600+ stitches to SK Seasons Winter – double my goal.  I am pleased with the way this is stitching up and am anxious to get to the wolf but it is still at least another 4,000 stitch down the chart.

Have I mentioned that this chart is almost complete confetti?  There are different levels of confetti and heavy confetti is sometimes defined as 10+ color changes in a 10 x 10 square.  The hair in this little beauty has over 20 colors in each 10 x 10 square — I am liking the way it looks in spite of the slow going.

I have been cross stitching for 30+ years and in the past made a serious effort to avoid charts where the chart made the stitching seem like a job.  My mom started cross stitching just after I did and in a relatively short time managed to complete some amazing pieces including several PB Moss charts.  I finally understand the appeal for those ridiculous charts!



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