Stitching Goals 2013 -or- The Stitch List

I like like lists.  For me, making stitching goals is like writing a list to help me remember what I want to.  There are so many wonderful projects that I would like to create – the list helps keep a bit of focus.  Will I complete the goal list?  Not a chance!

Here we go!!!

Projects in progress that will have continued progress:
St. Basil’s – needlepoint
A Tish Celebration – needlepoint
On The Stove – cross stitch
SK Seasons Winter – cross stitch
Packed & Almost Ready – cross stitch

New Projects:
A Maryland Inspiration – cross stitch
Full size quilt – using fabrics in resource center
TIAG – The Auction – cross stitch
Frodo and Galadriel – cross stitch
SK Trick or Treat – cross stitch
Christmas ornaments – cross stitch, needlepoint and/or bead & sequin
Pat Thode Annual Santa year ???? – needlepoint
Pat Thode Nativity one piece – needlepoint
Pat Thode Carolers one piece – needlepoint
IGC Nativity Stocking – needlepoint – get it started!!

My expectations for 2013 are once again a bit of a mish-mash.  During 2012 I stitched along with the HAED BB group almost every week and found it very motivating.  The down side was that I didn’t do very much needlepoint stitching.   Needless to say, I want more time for needlepoint and quilting along with cross stitch.  I like stitching in rotation and this article seems to take it to the next level — No More UFO’s  (at Shakespeare’s Peddler).  This method has some real potential but the idea of stitching by the clock doesn’t sound very attractive.  A variation that would use days instead of hours might work.

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One Response to Stitching Goals 2013 -or- The Stitch List

  1. erin2012 says:

    hi jan. interesting article, the UFO one. i’m a pretty bad offender, in that regard. got me thinking: how about a virtual needlepoint time clock? the pitch being: start clocking in and out all your stitching projects today! i agree with you and your philosphy about time keeping and needlepoint stitching… pretty sure it would NOT go over that well, with stitchers (who rarely think of themselves as factory workers, IMHO), but you never know ! 😉 anyway, best with all your needlepoint stitching plans in 2013.
    erin @ needlepointland

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