HAED Stitching — 2012 Goal – On The Stove

on the stove p5&6On The Stove – Pages 5 & 6 Completed (about 7400 stitches)

Since I managed to catch a nasty cold, it was a good week for stitching.  I was able to finish page 5 of On The Stove — I am delighted with the way the bow is stitching up and am expecting to add this piece to my 2013 stitching goals.  I was not and am not thrilled with stitching page by page — but,  I made my HAED goal page specific so I continued with the format to be able to meet the goal.

My current plan is to continue across the top — possibly in 10 x 10 blocks — but I will try to follow the natural breaks in the art to be sure that I won’t need to worry about page lines.  I have noticed on some HAED completed pieces and works in progress that the pages lines are very noticeable and I would dread seeing that appear after the time spent on a large project.


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