Holiday Season – Decorating, Baking & Stitching

Once Halloween rolls by, the remainder of the year seems to turn into a blur.  Every year I expect it, and every year I think it will be different.  I have had very little stitching time this past week and hope to get at least a few stitches in on SK Seasons Winter before the day is done.

Yummy looking pizzelle – photo from Biscotti Bros Bakery

Today the holiday events will be making pizzelles and working on lighting the snow villages.  I always have the same holiday goal — to have the decorations done before December 5th.  That is not just any date — the 5th is the birthday for my girls who are twins.  I always want the house to be completely ready for the celebration.  I did quite well this year … only the village lighting and snow need to be finished.  (Of course, there are a few decorations that have gone missing and will likely turn up before Christmas.)


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2 Responses to Holiday Season – Decorating, Baking & Stitching

  1. Sounds interesting, what do you mean by village lighting? Will you post a pic? 🙂

    • janicelynn says:

      i have several dept 56 houses that are grouped through our home. they are in place but i need to add the lighting and accessories. i have changed the header to a picture i took a couple of years ago – it is part of the north pole series.

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