On the Stove by Strelkina and HAED Yearly Goals

On the Stove – pages 5 (partial) & 6

On the Stove is a super slow work in progress… it is also part of my HAED yearly goal which is to finish pages 5 & 6.  At this rate, I should be done with the whole piece in about year 2048.  This means I will be really, really old.

I have had two HAED yearly goals — the Escher was abandoned because stitching 2 over 2 on hardanger was a nightmare.  It would be nice to meet one goal – and yes, I thought I was being ultra conservative with only two pages but I got distracted.

I have spent a relatively small amount of my stitching time with On the Stove –  I think because I found the corner blobs of color rather unappealing.  But, I am very close to beginning the golden hair bows and I’m really looking forward to starting those.

I need to complete about 1900 stitches by the end of the year to reach my goal – I can do this!!

Just in case you haven’t seen this lovely piece – this is the original art that the cross stitch is based on.  This photo comes from the website of the artist, Nadezhda Strelkina.

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