Snowflower Lace Sampler by Just Nan

I am thrilled to have another finish for 2012 (although it was not a project on my goal list).  This beautiful piece called Snowflower Lace was a class project by Just Nan from 1996.  The ground fabric is 28 count Cashel linen, threads are silk, perle cotton and cotton floss plus matte beads, pearl beads, faux pearls and the porcelain rose.  I was afraid that the rose would be chipped but was happy to see it intact!

When I put beads on my projects I vary my stitching.  On scattered beads I go through each with a full cross stitch.  It helps them to stay straight and uniform.  On this piece the beads are set in a horizontal position, for some reason it was easier to stitch them this way.

If I am stitching rows of beads, I will usually stitch by going through each bead once using a half cross.  When I reach the end of the row, I bring my needle to the front edge of the last bead stitched, slide the needle through the whole row and then back down at the edge of the first bead for that row.   Sliding the needle through the whole row will help keep the beads sitting straight.  It also puts your needle in place for the next row, always stitching in the same direction – again, helping the beads sit in uniform positions.

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