TIAG – The Quilting is Stitched!

The stitching for my TIAG piece called “The Quilting” was so much fun that once I got the ladies stitched, I could not put the piece away  — here it is — completed yesterday, 14 October 2012…..

I started The Quilting just over a month ago, I have no idea how many hours I spent stitching it.  The past two weeks I did not have a huge amount of stitching time but I did stitch during the football games — thank goodness for instant replay, tivo and dvr’s!

The Quilting is stitched on 28 count lambswool joeblan from Wichelt, I stitched using two strands of dmc over two fabric threads.

I am thinking that I would like to continue on with the TIAG amish series and that means that The Garden would be next.  But … this week I need to spend some quality time with my HAED project On The Stove …. and then there are the Heartstrings needlepoint pieces on my 2012 goal list …. and the fall quilt on my big board … and … and … oh my!!!  What to do???

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