Stitching TIAG The Quilting

Told In A Garden – The Quilting

So glad that I decided to start The Quilting!!  This piece has been a real joy to stitch and I plan to stay with this project over the next week.  As with all projects — I tend to pick them apart while working on them — there is an “I wish I had ____”.  This time I wish I had used a darker fabric.  But, I also know that when it is complete I will be delighted!!

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2 Responses to Stitching TIAG The Quilting

  1. This morning, looking for shoes under my bed, I found the box that is holding my last cross-stitch project – about 1/8th of it done, and that about 3 years ago! Seeing your cross-stitch makes me want to put everything else on hold and pick it up again 🙂

  2. janicelynn says:

    i completely understand!!

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