SK Seasons Winter – Page 1 Complete

Page one complete for SK Seasons Winter

I am pretty excited that I have finished page one of SK Seasons Winter.   The level of confetti is amazing but after doing it for a bit, I was able to get into a nice rhythm and really like the process.  In spite of that, there is no question — it is slow going.  I was hoping that the wolf would make an appearance on page 2 but that won’t happen until page 3.

With fall coming up quickly I need to switch gears to get the Thimbleberries pumpkin quilt ready.  I still have not decided on how to do the quilting but hope to be working on it this weekend.

I have been looking at my 2012 goals list and it’s beginning to feel like a burden.  With four entire months left in 2012 that seems a little silly!!  Will I do a list for 2013?  Yes indeed — but I guarantee it will be shorter and less specific!!


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One Response to SK Seasons Winter – Page 1 Complete

  1. K. Marie says:

    This is coming along beautifully!! I love how the different shades in the background make the lighting effect. Great work!!

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