On the Stove and HAED Stitching

On the Stove at about 2800 stitches

I find massive projects fascinating — this is On the Stove (from HAED, art by Strelkina) that I bought about 8 months ago.  It has not been given very much attention and I am not sure why (besides being one of many projects).  It was a productive week for this project!  Page 6 is almost complete and the page 5 chart is similar so I am optimistic that I will reach my two page goal this year.  At 2 pages a year, the project will be complete in 2030. Wow, that is encouraging!!

When I abandoned the Escher project, I had planned to toss the fabric and buy new to start again.  The frugal side of me took over and I spent all of my stitching time yesterday ripping out the 1800 Escher stitches from the hardanger.  After I was done, I gave the fabric a spritz with water and today the fabric looks great.  The best part of keeping the original fabric is that I had done the gridding of the pages and the first page by 10’s.  This is the ultimate in recycling!

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