Olympic Stitching

As I’ve already confessed, stitching in front of the television is my normal mode of operation.  Having a favorite movie is great.  Having the Olympics on is the perfect excuse to park myself in front of the tv for ridiculously long periods of time.

Stitchers and stitch groups are chatting about Olympic stitching — especially new starts.  I am definitely going to be stitching while watching.  A new HAED  start seemed like a good idea — specifically, Breakfast of Champions

Then, I got a grip!  No way am I ready for another HAED in progress.  Unless I  buy Middle Earth and then I would have to start it. So, for now, I have decided on a couple of Olympic stitching projects that I already have.

First, the Pineapple Bellpull – I hope to finish part III and at least half of part IV.

Second, a new start – a Christmas stocking for one of my children.  There are several hand painted stockings in my resource center and this was the first choice for my youngest who is 21 years old and still has no needlepoint stocking.   It is a full-size stocking created by igc (in good company) dated 1985.  I plan to use perle cotton, persian and metallics — simple & classic.

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