Shabby Chic Is a Finished Quilt

Shabby Chic Sit and Sew Quilt

The fabulous Shabby Chic Quilt is completed — binding and all!  I think the stripes frame the quilt beautifully.  I have yet to find or come up with an acceptable way to finish the binding by machine — I do attach the binding by machine but the final step I do by hand using an applique stitch.  Next quilt I will try a blind stitch (by hand) to see if it goes a little faster.  It is so satisfying to have completed the entire quilt – start to finish – myself.

This photo show the backing that I chose.  It is a Moda by Three Sisters called Vienna Nights.  I always try to pick a backing that has a lot going on — most times it will coordinate but sometimes it’s fun to have a total surprise on the back.  The busy back keeps from showing off the quilting starting and stopping points as well as hiding mistakes that would glare on a quiet or solid background.

If you are a perfectionist stitcher — there is one major error in the quilting but I doubt anyone will ever find it!!  Enjoy the process and that will make your finished project oh so cozy.  Finished is better than perfect.

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One Response to Shabby Chic Is a Finished Quilt

  1. Your quilt is exquisite, and the colours are really perfect. It all tones beautifully. By the way, it is good to have a little error now and then – a Muslim friend always used to tell me, whenever I said I’d made a mistake with my needlepoint or cross-stitch, that only Allah achieves perfection; we must not insult Allah by trying to achieve it ourselves. It works for me!!!

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