Quilting the Shabby Chic Quilt Top – another marking technique

The hunt for the “perfect” marking technique continues…..

Shabby Chic Sit and Sew with Hera Markings

A few years back, I bought a “hera marker”.  The little gadget was described as something useful for marking pieces for applique – since I have completely abandoned applique, the hera marker was forgotten.  While I was looking for different ideas for quilt marking, I visited Mama Love Quilts by Nicole and her Easy Peasy Quilt Marking Tutorial.

Don’t know what a hera marker is?  I have found a couple of different ones – both from Clover — this is the one that I have.

They also make one that looks like this —

it is probably a little easier on the hands for major marking.  I will be adding this to my shopping list.

Both hera marker photos are from Clover USA.

Using my little hera gadget, I spent a couple of hours planning and marking the shabby chic quilt – I already knew that I would be doing straight lines about 1.5″ apart.  The marks are crisp and easy to see now … but … when the top is ready for quilting will the lines hold up?

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