When is it time to let a project go?

Stitchers abandon projects for a variety of reasons.  For me, the number one reason I abandon a project is because it was a class project that I wasn’t really interested in but took in order to learn a technique or learn from a specific teacher.  Ok, sometimes I take a class just to hang out.

Too often, a project is abandoned because the supplies turned out to be the wrong ones.  It could be quality or type — it is all relative to the stitcher.

Today I took my Escher Waterfall cross stitch project off the stretcher bars and put it away.  I had been trying to stitch it using 2 strands of dmc floss on hardanger fabric.  I normally use one strand on hardanger but I stitched a small sample (very small) and pronounced it lovely.  After whining about Waterfall zapping by stitching mojo for the last few months, I managed to get about 1800 stitches into the project.  This afternoon, I took a good look at my masterpiece and pronounced it un-salvageable.  The stitches are tight, lumpy and the fabric is getting wavy.  Yeesh, no wonder I was loosing my stitching mojo every time I tried to work on this piece.  With about 197,400 stitches to go it would have been a nightmare — time to let it go!

So…. I really like this piece and after giving myself a little distance from it, I will look at different fabrics and do a restart.

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3 Responses to When is it time to let a project go?

  1. Just looking at your header makes me want to pick up my cross-stitch again — and it’s been well over a year since I put it aside. Probably not a good time since I’m getting involved in so many (too many!) other things, but I’m pleased to feel the stitching urge again – thank you for that! Jill

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