New projects and a startling realization

I have been buying and selling on ebay for many years.  It is fun to see what is bought and sold in the craft category and in the last couple of weeks some special pieces have popped up.  According to the seller This is just the begining  of this amazing estate sale of an even more amazing collection of needlework.”  The listings are a treasure trove of partially finished class pieces from seminars, kitted and started painted canvases, new and unused painted canvases and kits.

There are a few that I would like to add to my “resource center” but …. that is the startling realization.  Do I want to leave behind a treasure trove of new and partially finished needlework or would it be better to leave completed pieces that my family will be able to enjoy and say “mom made this for me” or “auntie made this for me”???

I need to become more of a finisher and less of a starter — easy to say.

By now you must be wondering what these fabulous pieces are that are on ebay!  This is the seller and I will be watching and possibly bidding.  Regardless, it will be interesting.

felixthekittycat at ebay  be sure to check out the completed auctions by this seller.  Truly an amazing collection.

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