On The Stove — HAED by Strelkina

On the Stove – Started 30 March 2012

I joined in the Heaven and Earth Week 5 SAL with a new project.  This is my start for “On The Stove” (about 540 stitches).  Yeah!! Something on my 2012 project list —  any stitching at all counts so I can finally say I have actually accomplished something on my list.  This project is also on my HAED yearly goal list with the specific goal to complete pages 5 and 6 — that is the upper right – I stitch right to left with my top cross going bottom left to top right.

I am stitching On the Stove on 18 count aida using 2 strands of DMC.  The finished size will be enormous at 19.44 inches by 25.39 inches.  It appears that this was charted using art work from a laquer box (click on this link to go to the Strelkina website:  On the Stove) — that would account for the shadow edges and curve of the corners.

The chart does not fill in the corner triangles but I will probably use one of the main colors to fill it in.  I’m not a huge fan of aida cloth but when I stitch something that is solid like this the slubs on linen create a bump that I don’t want.  Bottom line, I don’t want the aida to show and if I fill in the corners it will cover the fabric and as a bonus it will also give me a bit more flexibility in finishing.

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