My Nook and Two Thumbs Up for Barnes & Noble

Besides stitching and other crafts,  I like read and listen to audio books.  I was introduced to Stephanie Plum (by Janet Evanovich) in October and have been reading the series in order.  I am on Smokin’ Seventeen, it was available as an epub book from the library.  My Nook was fully charged, I loaded Smokin’ Seventeen onto my nook on Monday morning, read during lunch both Monday and Tuesday.  I took it to the community center to walk with on Wednesday and no battery power.

If you like to read while you exercise you will understand what a huge disappointment this was.  I cut my walk short and drove over to B&N to get a new battery.  If I had been smarter — I would have jumped off the treadmill and walked to B&N <sigh> thought of that much too late.  Anyway, I walked into the store, looked around and couldn’t find the replacement batteries.  I went to customer service, told them that I was looking for a new battery and the super nice representative took my nook, checked to be sure it was up to date with software and replaced my battery — for free — how nice was that??!!  Maybe it’s part of the warranty, it is one of the early edition Nook’s, I don’t know.  I’m a pretty happy camper!

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